This asshole…(*/∇\*)

i’ll always suck at backgrounds tho

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Dan Fessler’s HD Index Painting Technique let’s you paint pixel art in Photoshop in a non-destructive manner, and lets you use pretty much every tool in a perfectly pixel-gradient fashion!

The article gives you everything you need to try it out for yourself.It’s easy to set up and use, and the results are so fucking cool.

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Preview of my submision for Life in a Glasscase's Free! BL Fanbook "A Sight You’ve Never Seen Before".

5 page comic full of shotas. ´//w//`) Ayyy

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Dunno if anyone’s interested in these, but this was my latest assignment for CGMA’s Art of Color and Light class- this past week focused on how light interacts with different materials.

It’d be cool to try some different skin tones, I just used my own pasty hand for reference. Maybe even an alien species with non-red blood, so the occlusion shadow glows a different color where light passes through? Would it be purple for Namekians and green for Vulcans? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ possibilities

Also, the iridescent pearl wasn’t a requirement, but I enjoy Sailor Moon and suffering. If anyone’s got pointers on iridescence, I am all ears over here, because I clawed my way through that one screaming

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A Guide to Skirts

More Visual Glossaries (for Her): Backpacks / Bags / HatsBelt knots / CoatsCollarsDarts / Dress Silhouettes / Eyeglass frames / Hangers / Harem PantsHeelsNail shapes / NecklacesNecklinesPuffy SleevesShoes / ShortsSilhouettes / SkirtsTartans / Vintage Hats / Waistlines / Wool

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More doodles of MiiVerse

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A compilation of all my Professor Layton's pictures I've drawn on MiiVerse.

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I really tried making this tutorial (I aM SO HORRIBLE AT MAKING TUTORIAL SO PLEASE DON’T ASK ME TO MAKE ONE FOR YOU LMAO….*turns head*)

I’ve been getting a lot of messages on how to paint w/gouache…so here’s a step by step process on how I paint gouache. You can find what kind of brands I use on my about me page (you just need to scroll down and you’ll find it)

Also for the palette I use. I highly recommend this palette! Why? Because you can save your gouache (or acrylics)…and the special palette paper absorbs the water from the sponge (and it lasts pretty long…like about five weeks?)

If you have any questions, please message me lol……

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Bookmarks that will be on sale at Barcelona’s VII Japan Weekend. I’ll be on Mekawen Studio's stand [blog / twitter].

If you’re from Spain and you can go, make sure to say hi! :3

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Bookmarks that will be on sale at Barcelona’s VII Japan Weekend. I’ll be on Mekawen Studio's stand [blog / twitter].

If you’re from Spain and you can go, make sure to say hi! :3

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