My sister asked for a reynabeth pic and I can’t say no to such a request. Plus, this idea of “demigods having fun and being kids in Disneyland" is now very stuck in my head.

Aurum and Argentum bonus because, well… Dogs that eat your face if you lie, nothing’s better than this.

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Anónimo asked:"I'm the anon who sent the message asking about using your art as a sidebar/icon/header. I was going to use your most recent drawing of Hazel and Nico as my sidebar with your permission. The one where they're coming back from Disneyland. Actually, if you want to know my blog, I don't mind coming off of anon, I just get nervous sending asks to people. ♥ ♥ ♥"

Oh, dear, you don’t have to worry! I love receiving nice notes as yours, really! Not only because you are being very kind but also because it gives me the confidence to continue drawing some topics! (like Heroes of Olympus! I’m always insecure, thinking my way of drawing them is far away from the canon descriptions and such) If you like you can send me a note without being anon and I’ll answer you privately. So, as I said, don’t worry because I’m a person who loves receiving notes and meeting people, I won’t bite you or anyone! xD

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Anónimo asked:"Can people use your art as their sideblog/header/icon as long as you're properly credited or do you not want your art used at all?? Just asking for reference, your art is lovely!!"

Woah, thank you! I’m very flattered!
You can use my art as long as you credit me and don’t edit/modify/trace it. But as long as you use it as a sidebar, header or icon and you credit me, I have no problem! Also I would like to know which drawing you will be using ^^
And thanks for asking me for permission, is very respectful. ^^

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One day I imagined Nico wearing a Jack Skellington t-shirt and since then I never forgot this stupid idea.

Siblings of the Underworld having a good time at Disneyland. Sorry, not sorry.

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Which one is your hairstyle??

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I wanted to try out this tutorial and this is the result.


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The Color Thesaurus














All from Ingrid’s Notes on Wordpress, direct link here.

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A present for lumaga: Mayu, the main character of her book Domak.

Her color palette is aaahhh <333

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Who’s easy to manipulate?


So the thing is that I drew this and I suppose I got carried away…….

btw CONGRATS LUCINA you’ll be kicking some asses on SSB!!!

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